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Taking another step towards its aim of being a market leader in kids clothing segment, Nino Bambino, an online kids and baby apparel brand operating through a web portal, recently launched its summer collection of kids wear products – keeping in mind the strong heat wave about to grip the nation, especially north India, for the next few months. By addressing the need of comfortable garments for newborn babies, the company hopes to come to the rescue of concerned parents and provide them with long-lasting and dependable options they can trust with their child.

Nino Bambino’s summer collection consists of a wide range of newborn baby clothes across various categories which include baby onesies, rompers and top bottom sets. Among the gender-specific products, the collection also adds dresses and jumpsuits for girls, and shirts and dungarees for boys. Apart from these items, accessories like booties and bibs are also available. All these products are designed with the latest trend and styles to appeal to both children and adults and fulfil the purpose for both too – provide comfort to the children and assurance of their kid’s safety to the adults.

Customers can avail a number of lucrative deals in Nino Bambino’s Summer Sale to get their hands on these products and save on both their time and money. The offers available are valid on all products and range from heavy cash discounts to freebies. With the temperature set to soar in the coming days, the brand offers its customers a golden opportunity to fill up their kid’s entire wardrobe with amazing clothing items by making the most of the deals on offer. Interested customers can sign up for the newsletter on the web portal and get constant updates in their mailbox of the latest trends and upcoming offers with an additional 15% off.

With this collection too Nino Bambino continues to adhere to its principle of prioritization of a baby’s health before all else. As with all the products manufactured by the brand, the kids clothing items under Nino Bambino’s summer collection too are produced with 100% pure cotton and chemical-free manufacturing techniques. The brand believes that this emphasis on organic products is not only its unique selling point but also its responsibility towards the customers who trust it. At a young age, the sensitive skin of babies is prone to chemicals usually used in clothes manufacturing process and the exposure carries the risk of rashes, itching and a few other skin infections. With its organic line of clothing, Nino Bambino eliminates this risk and provides only safe and comfortable garments as the end products with no chemical residue and no risk of chemical exposure.

The brand also takes all possible measures on its web portal to allow a customer to make a well-informed decision whenever picking one out of multiple options. These include providing a rich description with every product, enlisting its colour, fabric, strength, pattern and other additional qualities. For people in two minds, the facility of comparing two or more products is also available on the portal that they can make use of and decide upon the best choice for their kid.

So be it baby summer dresses or top bottom sets, now is the perfect time to head over to Nino Bambino’s web portal and browse through the various options available. Buy baby bodysuits, shirts, jumpsuits and other items at great deals according to your kid’s taste and give him or her the joy of comfortable summers. Nino Bambino strives hard to satisfy each and every customer. However, in case of any shortcoming, the brand follows an easy return policy and offers complete refund on the purchased product.

Apart from baby wear, Nino Bambino’s summer collection extends to kids clothing products for boys and girls up to the age of 9 years. These include tees, shirts and kurta pyjamas for boys, and dresses, skirts, and tops for girls, among other things. The collection includes ethnic, formal, and casual wear for daily use as well as formal events. The brand ensures it doesn’t rely only on the comfort of cotton, the most breathable of fabrics, and infuses its products with a great amount of style as well, marching step to step with the trending fashion.

Nino Bambino’s Summer Sale is the perfect answer to every kid’s summer wardrobe. The effort put in by the brand to incorporate elements that satisfy both the parents and little children are evident in the design and the rich hand feel. The bright colours children love have been used profusely with attractive designs on top and the use of pure cotton along with strong knitting suffice to content parents of the benefits Nino Bambino garments offer. Hence, the sale is a win-win opportunity for both the parents and the children. The brand efficiently manages to include every desirable aspect in the garment, leaving no stone unturned to ensure customer satisfaction. Finally, with the products available at a justifiable price, the brand leaves out no reason for concerned parents not to make it their first choice.

Head over to Nino Bambino’s web portal to browse through the comfortable, stylish, and hygienic range of products. Buy baby rompers, bodysuits, dresses and leggings for girls, shirts and shorts for boys, and all kinds of clothes and accessories for kids up to the age of 12 years. Avail the offers available on all the great products and enjoy the sight as your child passes this unbearable summer season with utmost ease. Nino Bambino is an established brand which has built a significant reputation with its organic kids clothing products and the company promises to build upon that reputation with this Summer Sale. So, share the responsibility of your child’s proper care with an expert brand and reap the benefits in form of an enjoyable summer.

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