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Organic Baby Apparel Brand Nino Bambino Launches Its Organic Cotton Summer Collection

Organic Baby Apparel Brand Nino Bambino Launches Its Organic Cotton Summer Collection

As the temperature soars by the day to reach its maximum point and people are left with no option but to face the scorching heat for months, it is only wise to keep ready the ways to stay cool and comfortable during these summers. While adults have years of experience living in this weather, the struggle is comparatively easier for them. However, when it comes to newborn babies and toddlers, the season brings about a lot of problems adults can’t understand. These include the humid conditions, the constant sweating and most importantly, the heat itself. And while hydration and other factors may help your kid deal with the season, it is his or her clothes too which need to complement your efforts to ensure the season goes on comfortably for your child.

Depending upon the fit, clothes can either bring comfort to your child or suffocate him. The style and the design matter too. Kids love bright colours and attractive designs – the two factors that make them stay comfortably in those clothes day in and day out. Without the colours and the design, no matter how fit the clothes are, your kid will feel uncomfortable. Last on the list is the fabric – the raw materials used in manufacturing clothes – which decides the comfort level and the strength of a garment, factors all parents take into consideration sincerely before making their choice. And while finding the perfect combination of all these qualities in the market today is a tough task which the weather outside makes even tougher, this combination is available in the comfort your home with just a few clicks, thanks to Nino Bambino’s summer collection.

Nino Bambino is a kids’ and baby apparel brand dedicated to manufacturing comfortable, stylish and inexpensive clothing for kids up to the age of 9 years. Keeping the trending styles in view and prioritizing your kid’s comfort, Nino Bambino manufactures kids clothes that both suit his or her taste and earn your trust as a concerned parent. From rompers and onesies for babies to tees and tops for toddlers, the brand offers a wide range of boys’, girls’ and unisex kids clothes stitched for supreme comfort that are nothing short of the best baby apparel available in the market today. The summer collection introduced by the brand includes a range of clothes and accessories designed exclusively for this season, keeping in mind the high temperature nation reaches up to, especially north India, and using raw materials and techniques that combat the summers efficiently.

This includes using cotton as the raw material. Cotton is the most breathable of fabrics, hence the best choice for summer season. It allows moisture to be transmitted through the cloth, which helps in easy evaporation of sweat even with the clothes on. Since kids, toddlers especially, are known to be restless, this quality helps them stay active in summers without bringing them down with a fever. To add to the breathability are the sleeveless and half-sleeve designs, which provide enough exposure to air, essential during the season. The light colours of the garments too absorb less heat, further helping your kid stay cool. Lastly, the cotton used is stitched together in strong bonds, ensuring the garment isn’t vulnerable to easy wear and tear and is long lasting.

However, what distinguishes the brand from its other competitors is its organic kids wear products. Nino Bambino gives priority to state-of-the-art, organic manufacturing techniques that provide comfort during the weather without taking any toll on a baby’s health. Clothes are usually manufactured using certain chemicals which provide strength and add to the design – but these chemicals can cause certain skin reactions in a body, especially during summers when they mix with the sweat. Nino Bambino uses 100% pure cotton as its raw material and implements chemical-free techniques in its production process, thus removing this risk of chemical exposure to the sensitive skin of infants and preventing rashes, itching and other skin infections.

Nino Bambino operates through a web portal n online retail store and is among the best organic kids store to buy baby clothes online. With a simple user interface packed with features, baby clothes online shopping experience at ninobambino.in is as easy as it gets. The web portal provides high-resolution images of the products which allow parents to determine whether the colour and the design goes with their kid’s taste, along with an in-depth information of the fabric used and other qualities of the specific product. The portal also allows customers to compare two or more items to determine the best in case of any confusion. Ethnic, formal and casual wear products are available for toddlers along with unisex products for babies. These include a wide range of organic cotton t-shirts for boys, organic baby dresses for girls and organic cotton baby bodysuits among various other items. The brand is dedicated to providing utmost customer satisfaction and even follows an easy return policy and refund scheme in the off chance that the products don’t match the expectations of the parents.

Nino Bambino has years of experience in manufacturing baby clothes and is considered an expert in the field in the industry today. With this summer collection, the brand intends to cement its name as one of the best organic clothes manufacturing brands in India. The collection includes high-quality baby and kids wear products designed with great style and matchless comfort to appeal to all kids and satisfy their concerned parents. To add to these qualities is the ongoing Summer Sale, under which all these products are available at great offers, including heavy cash discounts and certain freebies. So be it organic rompers or onesies for your infant, stylish shirts for your boy or an adorable dress for your girl, ensure you have the best companion for your little one’s summers with Nino Bambino.

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