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Organic Cotton Baby Wear For A Blissful Monsoon

Organic Cotton Baby Wear For A Blissful Monsoon

Monsoon finally wrapped North India under its wings on starting of July and as expected, the weather forecast for coming weeks holds nothing but more rains. However, given the pre-monsoon showers that the city and its neighbouring regions witnessed towards the end of June – which contributed to the month being wettest in a decade – the quality of monsoon this year can quite easily be conjectured. It is a period of frequent and intense rains that lies ahead.

While the fact comes as a relief to the farmers, it is met with some disdain from the urban folk, who although get a much-needed relief from the scorching summers but at the same time face the eternal water logging problems and constant traffic jams. Meanwhile, away from all such reasonable arguments is the pure joy infants will feel during the downpour when they witness the first rainy season of their life. The beauty it adds to the nature and the cherished drop in temperature, both will be new to them. And the joy they feel will be reverberated by their parents!

But while infants and little children are free to cherish their joy, this delight shall not be a reason for any negligence on part of parents in their responsibilities towards their children – something they will all agree to. Monsoon makes little children – who don’t yet have a fully developed immune system – as vulnerable to diseases as it makes them delightful. And the responsibility to ensure that the various risks which monsoon poses shall not be a threat to their child’s health lies on the parents.

Constant rainfall means a constant change in temperature, when the sun is out and when the sky is overcast. The moderate temperature also makes for an atmosphere in which most of the bacteria thrive. Apart from that, the polluted water can pose risks such as diarrhoea and cholera among others, while water puddles can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and threaten your dear one’s health with diseases like malaria and dengue – which always witness a spike in society every year during the season. Indeed the risks are plenty and serious, but a few simple parenting tips followed with proper care suffice to avoid them with ease.

The most important of them all is choosing the best organic baby clothes for your little kid to wear. Organic cotton clothing has gained a widespread popularity in recent times as the preferred choice for baby wear since it is manufactured with 100% pure cotton using chemical-free techniques, which helps avoid the risk of exposing a baby’s developing immune system to harmful chemicals.

Weather changes constantly during monsoon, going from sunny to overcast multiple times within a single day. These constant shifts in temperature as the weather alternates between hot and humid and cool and drizzling can be hard to deal with for an infant’s body, so it is best to dress up him or her in layers. It is advisable to keep a light cotton blanket or a cotton cardigan handy at all times in order to add an extra layer of protection in case the temperature drops suddenly. The layer can be removed whenever the sun surfaces from behind the clouds again. For pregnant women and those new to parenting, know that one more layer of clothing than your own is ideal for a newborn baby. Observe frequently and ensure he or she isn’t sweating – switch on the fan if so or remove a layer of clothing. Similarly, if the baby’s belly seems cold at touch or the baby seems uncomfortable, add a layer.

Although stopping any stagnant water puddles from forming in your locality is the best way to stop mosquito breeding and hence, mosquito bites, going for light coloured clothes is the solution if this cannot be ensured. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours, so light colours with sleeves covering the baby’s arms and legs offer the best protection that can be provided to them. Additionally, it must be kept in mind while shopping for organic cotton clothing for babies that clothes take longer to dry up in humid weather. So one or two extra sets of change would come into frequent use during the season, depending upon how often the need to wash them arises.

These simple clothing tips along with breastfeeding and oil massage (or healthy food if he or she has started on solids) leave no need remaining to ensure a baby’s health. Do know that organic clothes are of paramount importance to their sensitive skin and therefore, it is ideal to trust only a reputed baby clothes manufacturer whose products you can count upon to help guard your infant’s health. Nino Bambino, for instance, is a baby apparel store trusted by many to be the perfect guardian for their little one. In addition to following organic manufacturing techniques, the brand also incorporates other elements like stylish design, strong knitting, attractive colours etc.

The web portal of the brand facilitates best online shopping for kids clothes, offering numerous features such as detailed information about the product, comparison between multiple products and creation of a Wishlist. With the online portal, customers can browse through hundreds of boys, girls and unisex baby clothes available across different categories – ranging from bodysuits and rompers to T-shirts and dresses – in multiple colours and select the ones that they consider would suit their kid. The brand delivers authentic products right at your doorstep and also offers multiple payment options – saving you from stepping out for this exhausting task with the constant risk of drenching with the unpredictable rains. So head over to the Nino Bambino baby store online and avail great deals on gorgeous garments to ensure a blissful monsoon for your little ones.


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