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With the mercury starting to drop and jackets dominating the wardrobes, it remains beyond doubt that winters have set in. And the only difference that would make for adults is the shift to bulky outfits. Since they have been dealing with winters for years now, there is little they will need to change. However, the same can’t be said for adults who have just entered parenthood. Their baby’s first winter season is a time to stand by their responsibilities and ensure his or her well-being during the cold. But how?

Follow these easy ideas to make sure your baby is warm enough during the cold winter days:

One extra layer: It’s advisable to dress up your infant in one more layer of baby clothes than your own. For example, if you're dressed in a shirt and a sweater, put your baby in unisex baby clothes like a bodysuit, a shirt and a sweater over them.

Night dress: For comfortable sleep during nights, it is better to stay a little on the cool side than overdoing it. SIDS poses a greater threat to overheated babies. But multiple layers are still the way to go and a unisex bodysuit with pyjamas goes along well with cotton swaddling blanket or a sleep sack.

Co-sleeper’s comfort: If your baby snuggles up next to you at night, know that your body’s heat also feeds him or her warmth. For a co-sleeper’s comfortable sleep, a unisex long-sleeved bodysuit along with leggings will suffice.

Toe-touch test: Feeling your infant’s toes and belly when you have just come in from the cold is a good way to know whether your baby is warm enough. His or her toes should be a little cool and the belly should be warm. An infant with both toes and belly warm is overdressed.

Head and hands: Special attention needs to be given to a baby’s head and hands. A cozy hat with a chin strap that provides proper protection to the ears as well is the smartest choice. Meanwhile, hands can be protected from the cold with mittens.

Don’t overdo: While the temperature outdoors definitely demands multiple layers of warm unisex baby clothes, his or her indoor attire can be a little light. Bundle your baby up in layers whenever heading out but do remove some of them inside the comfortable atmosphere of your home.

With these simple steps, you can ensure your baby spends the entire winter season in as much comfort as you. However, you also need to ensure that the layers of clothes your infant spends the season in are comfortable to wear too. Nino Bambino, is a organic baby clothing brand which can be trusted for the task. With a range of both unisex and gender-specific clothing, the brand provides impeccable quality at reasonable prices. So let winters be a simple affair to deal with for your family’s youngest member only with Nino Bambino.

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