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What are the fashionable Styles for Baby Clothes?

What are the fashionable Styles for Baby Clothes?

When new parents are shopping, there are many things they need to think buying including diapers, burp cloths, towels and baby organic clothes. These are a few of the things often found in baby gift sets that retailers purchase on wholesale. For new parents, all of the different styles and options of these items can get confusing. This article will cover the four trendiest styles of baby clothes that are often found in infant gift sets and that are given by families and friends: one piece, body suits, baby gowns, baby rompers and baby clothing sets.

Baby Gowns

The description of this item must be obvious; they are one piece of material that has an opening at the bottom with elastic to provide warmth for the infant's feet while he or she sleeps. While this piece of clothing may seem like it is geared more towards female children, there are designs that make it gender neutral. Parents love this piece because there are no zippers or snaps to get in the way of a quick diaper change.

One Piece

A one piece is often referred to as "sleep n' plays," sleepers, or footsies depending on the type of one piece the shopper is searching for. They are similar to body suits in that they use snap buttons and are one piece of fabric therefore the name. They differ from infant suits generally in their look. While baby suits look more like a leotard with or without sleeves, the one piece looks more like adult clothing with pants and sleeves. Some styles also come with "footies" attached or detached but sold with the product. These pieces of clothing are great because there are many different patterns that can be used for daytime or nighttime.

Baby Body Suits

Infant body suits are maybe the most preferred by parents because they are so easy to use. These pieces are often described as a long t-shirt held together by snap buttons. The snap buttons make them super easy to change the baby clothes and change their diaper because there are separate bottom snaps. For the parents who are on a budget there are the general styles of body suits called snap suits, baby grow, diaper shirts and creepers.

Outfit or Clothing Sets

 This set of clothing is more for the trend conscious parent that's more concerned how their child looks than having something quick and suitable. This is because this set will come with many different options including a combination of baby suits, shirts, footies and pants. All pieces come in matching styles suited for girls or boys.


There are so many style options and resources for baby clothes sold at online baby store.

Baby clothes are common options in wholesale infant gift sets. The many different styles can be overwhelming but this article describes some of the trendiest styles.

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