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Guide to your kids Ideal Summer Apparel

Summertime with regards to dressing up children is a little tricky. They are hot months, so the kids do not want to wear full sleeved and full-legged clothes, but at the same time, it is important for them to be protected from being sunburnt.

Guide to your kids Ideal Summer Apparel

In order to ensure that your kids are safe, consider the following things while dressing them up:

  • Environment: If your kids are indoors, it is okay what kind of clothes they wear. The temperature inside the house can be controlled, and there are no harmful sun rays to affect their exposed skin. However, if your kid is a newborn, infant or toddler, you do need to make sure that their clothes are sufficiently warm especially if you use air conditioning. Light cotton clothes are ideal for indoors.
  • Playing outside: If your kids are playing outside of the house, try to make them wear full sleeved and full legged clothes. Pick out light material clothes like cotton tops and trousers or Bermudas/ skirts and socks for your kids if they don’t want to wear pants. If getting them to wear full sleeved clothes is difficult, put on some sunscreen on them. A cap or a hat is also helpful and recommended during sunny days.
  • Evenings: In the evenings, for a trip outside of the house, either for a party or a casual stroll, there are a variety of options for girls like dresses, skirts and tops and even shorts and top. Boys, on the other hand, do not have many options. They can wear shorts and a t-shirt or a pair of jeans with a t-shirt or a shirt depending on the situation.
  • Material: Summer months can be very annoying for kids, especially living in the hotter regions. As such, it is recommended that light and breathable material clothing for kids should be used. The dresses must be loose enough and airy.

These are some important things to keep in mind while doing your summer organic cotton baby shopping online in India. You can easily buy unisex baby clothing online at Nino Bambino which you can use more effectively if you have more than one kind of the same or similar size. 

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The best first Birthday gift ideas for your new born

It is never too easy to decide what to buy for your baby. Others mostly choose gifts that help the parents, but as the mom and dad, you need to get your child something special.

  • Get them their first teddy: The first teddy is always special. Your baby might have had other cuddly toys before, but a proper soft toy makes the tiny tots very happy. Remember, it should be a size your baby can manage and sleep with at night.
  • Colouring books and crayons: It is better than starting with the A-B-C straightaway. Visual memory always works better with kids. So with colouring books of basic animals, fruits, flowers and so on, you can keep your baby engaged. Keep in mind to choose the books wisely, as you would be giving it to a one-year-old.
  • Colourful blankets/pillow: If the birthday is during the winter months, you can get a new soft and warm, colourful blanket for the kid, maybe with cartoon pictures and animals patterns on it. You can replace it with a new pillow for summer.
  • Apparels: Babies tend to outgrow Unisex Newborn Baby Dresses quickly in the first year or two. Your kid can always do with another pair of pyjamas or jumper.
  • Playdough: Always an ideal gift to bring out the creativity in your child. The more they play around with the muddy dough, making shapes and figures, the faster the brain will develop.

Since the first birthday of your newborn will not come in a year, you will have some time figure out what they like and get your little bundle of joy a gift accordingly. If you do your baby shopping online in India, you will surely get all kinds of ideas and articles that you can give to your baby. 

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Your Baby’s First Spring Collection Essentials

With the onset of spring, the famous scorching heat of Indian summers can already be felt in the air, and we know it just gets worse. Now is the time to stock up your baby’s spring-summer collection with light and comfortable clothes.

Your baby's First Spring Collection Essentials

Here are some of the essentials that you ought to include while buying the newborn baby clothes online shopping.

  • Colourful shorts: It is going to be hot, and shorts are the best friends for anyone during this season. So this is what your baby will also be wearing in the home most of the time. Buy light and fun summer colours like sunny yellow, lime green, sky blue, and baby pink to suit them the spring-summer season.
  • Sleeveless t-shirts: Though people mainly buy this for boy babies, girls can easily wear them too. If you buy your baby clothes online shopping in India, then you will find a variety of colourful sleeveless t-shirts – airy and comfortable, preferably with pictures of cartoon characters on them to make the kids happy.
  • Tunics: Among the new born baby girl dresses online, tunics are quite a favourite. They are easy to wear for the baby and look very playful and cute as a summer dress.  You can go for the basic white and cottony ones for home – which is also called tape frock sometimes. For outside a splash of colour will be great.
  • Rompers: Rompers for babies neither go out of style nor requirement. They are super comfortable to sleep in – be it summer or winter. For spring and summer, buy them in lighter material and cool shades.
  • Fresh undergarments: Experts say it is not safe to use undergarments for more than 6 months – and even more so for the babies. Add this to your spring shopping as well – but the ones with softer elastic which is easy on the baby’s skin.

You will find these essentials and more on the websites selling baby products online shop in India.

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Babies also dress to impress!

Feb 14, 2018 2:44:31 PM

Babies also dress to impress!

Let us renounce the stereotype that “dressing up” is only for the girls!

Beautiful Baby Dresses and Combinations

Here are various outfits that cater to every occasion for the infant boys.

  • The conventional pant or shorts paired with T-shirts is suitable for a variety of casual occasions. Loose pyjamas cater to the night occasions
  • Layered clothing involves pairing up normal T-shirts with a sweater or a coat to protect your baby boy from the cold.  These clothing items also help your baby to look very cute!
  • Onesies are one piece clothes for your baby boy that is available in both long and short sleeves. It caters to various party occasions for the baby boy. Onesies are extremely comfortable, and they look very cute too. They add the boyish charm to your baby boy!
  • Formal wear for the baby boy encompasses of a full tux. However, do not opt for the formal clothing for long periods of time since your baby might be uncomfortable in them.
  • To cater to the outdoor activities, choose comfortable pants for your baby. If your baby has grown up and enjoyed the pool; you can choose from a variety of swimwear and trunks

For the baby girl, there are multiple outfits available that cater to several occasions.

  • Baby girls have several outfits to cater to casual occasions ranging from pants and shorts to skirts and leggings.
  • Bodysuits are one-piece suits available for baby girls; they too cater to casual occasions. They are extremely comfortable, and your baby can move around without any hassle. At the same time, they look extremely cute!
  • Purchase cute jackets and sweatshirts to cater to the cold winters.
  • Dresses form important clothing catering to the party ware of the baby girl. They add to girlish vibe and making our baby girl look very pretty.
  • Outdoor wear encompasses comfortable clothing for your baby girl. You can choose several kinds of swimwear for your baby girl ranging from one-piece bath suites to adorable bikinis.

To dress your child in the best available styles is truly a bliss. Shop Baby Boy Dresses Online and enjoy Baby Girl Dresses Shopping Online India today!

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Dress your baby well - Tips For Dressing your Newborn

Motherhood is an exciting journey, especially if it is your first child!. However, in this process of taking care of your child and his needs, important decisions have to be taken. For instance, choosing the appropriate baby dresses online for your child can be a tough task. There are several things you must keep in mind while shopping for your baby.

Dress your baby well-Tips For Dressing your Newborn

Given below are some tips to keep in mind:-

Tip 1- Consider comfort- This is the most important criteria while shopping for your baby. Ensure that the clothing provides enough room for movement. When the baby is comfortable dressed he is happy and sleeps peacefully.

Tip 2- Purchase many sleep wears- The newborn baby spends a lot of time sleeping. Ensure that you purchase comfortable pyjamas and sleepwear more than the rest of the clothing items. Having much sleep wears helps you to change them often keeping your baby fresh.

Tip 3- Size matters- This is another essential factor you must consider while purchasing baby wear. Babies grow very fast. So make sure you do not purchase clothes that are exactly the size of the baby. Otherwise, your baby would soon grow out of them. To determine the size of your baby uses the general rule of thumb- double the age of your baby to discover his size. This rule can be used till your baby reaches the age of two years.

Tip 4- Consider the Fabric- The fabric of baby wear must be soft and durable. Usually, Polyester cotton blends are the best, and they help to protect the sensitive skin of the baby. Avoid purchasing clothes that are tight and scratchy.

Tip 5- Purchase easy to wear fabrics- Purchase garments that are easy to wear. Avoid purchasing clothing items with too many buttons, thereby making it difficult to wear it to the baby.

Pamper your newborn with unisex newborn clothing online India with shopping for baby online India !


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